Laravel is the world’s most popular PHP website framework and developers use it for building all kinds of websites and web apps. Laravel websites excel in a business setting and range from simple websites through to websites with bespoke booking platforms and content management systems.


Laravel can be used to create a laravel ecommerce website and our laravel developer can use the framework to code anything that may need to be organised in lists, such as real estate portals or reservation systems. Call OMS today for a no obligation chat on 01543 439 239.

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Laravel development


Laravel development and the laravel homestead system is the future of PHP coding technology. It allows our laravel developer to code a website, or develop an existing laravel website, in a short amount of time. As a laravel service provider, Online Marketing Surgery can create secure laravel software that is ideal for developing an online shop.


It is the highly customisable nature of a laravel website that makes it ideal for ecommerce sites. In particular, laravel offers optimised response times and this means that a better customer experience is created. In an ecommerce setting, this quite literally means that more sales will convert.


Laravel development is essential for businesses that intend for their website to be the best in its niche. The opportunity exists for creating custom solutions, rather than using an out-of-the-box plugin, when using a CMS (content management system) platform such as WordPress.


Laravel SEO


Just as laravel can create bespoke functions and handle unique requirements, it can be 100 percent fully optimised for SEO. With the inflexible nature of a CMS like WordPress, laravel will create something that is as unique as your business.


Designed from the ground up for mobile devices, laravel is also leading the way for the development of mobile friendly PHP websites, which will be an essential element in the SEO of 2017. Get in touch with us today on 01543 899 617.