Ecommerce Website Development

OMS is an ecommerce specialist who can help you and your business design, develop and market your ecommerce website. From initial conception, for those who are starting out as an ecommerce business, to website development and relaunch, for existing ecommerce companies, OMS can help.

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Ecommerce Development


Our ecommerce service will help your business achieve successful online, through customer focused designs that are made to help your business grow. For new ecommerce retail websites, we can discuss the shopping cart software that is available, from Magento to Opencart, and highlight the benefits of each.

We can develop and put in place a fully tailored ecommerce solution for start-ups that will attract well-informed and digitally networked consumers. If you are getting started in business ecommerce then we can put in place cost effective solutions that are future scalable. From using ecommerce templates through to developing custom software to fit your budget, our ecommerce development company can help.


If your ecommerce business is in a period of expansion and is looking to boost online revenues, then we can optimise your online shop, personalise your ecommerce tools and introduce responsive designs that will differentiate your site from your competitors.


Ecommerce Marketing


Our ecommerce marketing will help your business get top search engine rankings through SEO and help your business increase conversion rates through Pay Per Click advertising.


We can help you get started with the many variables that may need to be considered in order to attract qualified traffic to your website. Your dedicated OMS account manager will show you how to help your customers find your site through SEO and help your ecommerce website optimise conversions, through ecommerce analytics.


If your ecommerce business is not generating the number of online visitors and sales that you think it should, then OMS can help you develop your ecommerce website and introduce marketing strategies that will give you a healthy return on investment.