Are you the office Grinch? What type of festive worker are you?

Workers across the country are counting down the days until they break up for Christmas. However, there appears to be two camps when it comes to the holiday season. Some truly love it. They’ve been singing Last Christmas at the top of their voice since the clocks went back and spend more time decorating the office than actually working. Then you have those who just want to have some time away from their annoying colleagues!

I think you will know exactly which camp you are in by now.

You see, Christmas certainly brings out the best (worst) in some people, but let’s see if you can identify yourself or any of your colleagues from this list.

  1. The Grinch

Every workplace has one. My former place was full of them! They are the type of person who will sneer at people putting up decorations, frown upon festive frocks and shout down those singing Christmas songs. Lighten up! If you can’t have fun at Christmas when can you?

  1. The one who thinks Christmas starts when the clocks go back

Ok, ok, ok. Some people really, really love Christmas. But come on, there’s a time and a place for that. Just because the nights are darker, it doesn’t mean you have to put Christmas lights up everywhere. Use the lamps like the rest of us.

  1. The one who steals the Christmas annual leave

Some industries don’t have a break for the holidays, but there’s always one person who manages to take off the whole week in between Christmas and New Year isn’t there. How do they manage it year after year? There’s meant to be a rota system in place isn’t there? They must have some magic powers going on that ensures they grab the diary before anyone else.

  1. Santa’s secret fan

Secret Santa is a great idea to get people in the spirit of Christmas. You can reward your colleagues without breaking the bank. But there’s always one that takes it way too far. You know the one who wants to make a real impression… and then let everyone know that it was them who brought the lavish gift. Give it a break please. Just stick to the tenner please.

  1. The Christmas party organiser

Stop trying to rewrite the rule book. It’s Christmas so stick with the winning formula. Buy some mince pies, stock up on mulled wine, whack on Slade and get the Santa hats out. It’s not that hard is it? Just make sure the photocopier is out of bounds and keep a close eye on Keith, we all know he can’t handle his drink!

  1. The Christmas singer

We all know this person. They just can’t help themselves from bursting into song. You can’t even think about saying “All I want for Christmas is” because you know they’re going to break into a Mariah-style warble! If you want to show off your singing talents go on X Factor!

  1. The one who is too cool for Home Alone

Christmas is the perfect time for sitting back and watching a heart-warming tale. Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life and Gremlins are great family films. However, the movie snob is too cool to watch any of the traditional classics. They’d rather watch something suave and sophisticated from France or Norway.

  1. The bragger

“My tree is 10ft tall and it sings when I feed it water”. “I’m going to New York for Christmas this year”. We’ve all dealt with that member of staff who is having the most spectacular Christmas, or so they say. I bet their spruce is from Argos, is losing all of its pines already and the closest they will get to New York is by watching Home Alone 2.

  1. The mistletoe warrior

There’s usually one person who just can’t wait to get the mistletoe out. It’s either Mark from accounts or Lisa the secretary trying to push their luck. Fortunately there are rules in place to prevent this unwanted form of attention now. Mark and Lisa take note, no means no!

  1. The party animal

Every workplace has one member of staff who thinks nothing about burning the candle at both ends. They just love to party. They would even turn up in the gladrags to the opening of a paper bag! The party animal thinks they are the life and soul of the party. They always have a great story to tell, unfortunately it takes them ages to tell it and they often feel that tired in the afternoon that you end up taking on most of their workload!

So do any of these characters strike a chord with you? Which one is you? We’d love to hear from you!