What makes Google Featured Snippets appear

Many businesses are asking how they can appear in Google Featured Snippets.

Just like with search, Google uses an algorithm to asses if a page contains the best answer to a question, which the user has just made a search for. Google then displays the answer as a snippet, below which is a link to the webpage from which the snippet was taken.

It isn’t wholly clear how Google decides which snippet to show but it should be immediately clear to all, of the advantages of appearing in a snippet.

Google Featured Snippets, what are they?

When a question-based search is made, a Google Featured Snippet answers the question. They appear in a box at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and the content that appears is directly extracted from a website.

Snippets appear in many formats such as charts, tables, lists, images or just plain old text. The good news is that small websites can fair just as well for being picked for a snippet, as against big websites with a high Domain Authority.

There are three main types of snippets that appear, so make sure that your pages include these elements, to improve your chances of appearing:

  • Lists – These include logical steps given as instructions
  • Single paragraph – Short text that contains the answers to questions
  • Tables – Statistical data broken up by horizontal lines

The benefits of appearing in Google Featured Snippets

The main benefit of appearing in Google Featured Snippets is a traffic boost with almost unlimited exposure. The results are as effective as paid SEO such as PPC. Although your business can’t, and shouldn’t, give up on paid SEO. If your business does appear in a snippet, then you will see a huge surge in traffic.

Appearing as a Google Featured Snippet also increases trust, as you have effectively just been certified by Google, as the best that Google has to offer.

How to appear in Google Featured Snippets

There are several things that you can do in order to have a better chance of appearing in Google Featured Snippets:

  1. Use longtail keywords and optimise the answers to question to between 40 and 50 words
  2. Use paragraph snippets as these appear the most.
  3. Create great content as pages with higher Click Through Rates (CTR) and visitors who spend more time on page, are more likely to feature as a snippet. This is even the case if a website itself is positioned lower in the SERPS results than others.
  4. Create Q & A pages as these will be pre-formatted in an appropriate style for snippets.

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