Are You SSL Ready? Get Prepared For The Great Google Apocalypse!

Google is about to get tough on internet security. From July, every website lacking an SSL certificate will be marked as insecure by Google, whether it is or not!

The move has been billed by some as the Great Google Apocalypse, with every website owner being warned to buy an SSL certificate or face the threat of a fall in trade, traffic, customers and ultimately trust.

The introduction of such a policy has been on the cards for a few years, but it will finally become a reality in early July. It means that any site that is not HTTPS will be flagged up as “not secure”.

Those two words will strike fear into the hearts of every consumer on the internet. Who will be willing to input their personal and banking details on a site that clearly states it is not secure? Keeping your personal details on the internet safe is hard enough, let alone when a website is blatantly telling you it’s not secure.

So what is an SSL certificate and how can you purchase one?

SSL certificates are widely used by banks and online stores as they ensure a secure connection between the browser and the surfer. You will know when you are on a secure site from the HTTPS address. The added presence of a padlock in the address bar is another visual sign that you are safe. That is what Google wants to see on every site from July.

At the moment a HTTP connection is relatively safe for most businesses on the net. But as soon as they start handling personal information and financial details they can easily be intercepted by a determined hacker. And Google is doing its best to stamp that out.

Google’s SSL requirements are crucial as they establish trust and build confidence in the brand, provides authentication and will encrypt sensitive information.

The good news is you can buy an SSL certificate from your hosting company and they are simple to install. However, they must be bought annually.

The “not secure” flag will be rolled out with the impending release of Chrome 68. Google packs a huge amount of clout online. It is the largest search directory in the world and has the most used web browsers.

So while people who use other browsers and don’t update to Google Chrome 68 straight away won’t be affected, the effect will be felt in the coming weeks and months guaranteed.

The bottom line is businesses must sign up for the SSL certificate or face customers looking for suitable alternatives.

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