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Defining and planning.
Website analytics are all about interpreting the raw data that is collated through tools, such as Google Analytics, in order to identify opportunities that will lead to a growth in online visibility, engagement and ultimately more conversions and sales. Call OMS today for a no obligation chat on 01543 439 239.

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What Analytics Covers


Analytics look at a wide range of metrics that includes both on and off site elements, as well as their changing trends through time. Some of the key elements that OMS will look at during a free website audit includes:


  • Traffic – This is the number of visitors to a website, with trends visible by day, week, month or year. Insights here can be gained on a page-by-page level.
  • Engagement – Search engines use engagement indicators to assess the importance of a website, considering where visitors land, where they find the content they want and how they engage with it. Factors that affect a website’s position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) includes a page’s bounce rate, the average time a visitor spends on the website and and average number of pages that they view.
  • Conversions – This metric highlights the commercial benefit of a webpage in terms of conversion rate and volumes. For ecommerce sites, this may also include total revenue and the average order value.
  • Search visibility – Here the ranking of pages and their keywords in SERPs can be identified, along with deeper insights, such as which pages and keywords are driving traffic to the website.
  • Links – This metric identifies past and present link acquisitions, the authority of these and their positive or negative effect on SERPs.


The Benefits of Analytics


Website analytics allow Online Marketing Surgery to create an effective SEO strategy for your business and monitor its success. Without analytics and our expertise it is almost impossible to get an effective Return on Investment (ROI) from SEO, PPC and social campaigns.


Our analytics will show you where improvements can be made and the results of these changes. We can identify problems that have resulted in a down turn of traffic, give your business a deeper understanding of the customer experience and explain why there has been landing page growth and how to capitalise on this.


Analytics can be littered with jargon but Online Marketing Surgery will talk to you on terms that you can understand, so that together we can create a positive commercial impact on your business.


At Online Marketing Surgery we use analytics in all our services. For more information and a no obligation chat, call OMS today on 01543 899 617.