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Defining and planning.
At OMS, we specialise in helping you to make more money from your website.

When we design websites from scratch, our primary focus is building a website that converts. That means that all of our websites are responsive (work perfectly on all types of devices such as mobile), look great and more importantly, are designed to convert visitors into customers. Please see a sample of websites we’ve created here.


As digital marketing specialists, we realise that there’s more to a website than just ‘looking good’. When we build websites, we think strategically about how the website will deliver the best return on investment for you, while maintaining the aesthetics you desire.


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Web Design


Our web designer will create websites and landing pages that make it clear to your visitors why they should do business with you and the benefit of such. It is essential to avoid website templates or a website builder in order to differentiate your website from the pack.


Our web hosting service is ideal for new websites and we can enhance existing websites with meaningful graphics that guide users and clear call to actions that create conversions, while imprinting terms that encourage better conversions compared to others.


Effective Website Design


When you hire web designer services from Online Marketing Surgery, you can be assured that the result will, first and foremost, encourage the visitor’s confidence in buying from you.


Web design can achieve this through webpage titles that make the right first impressions and offer up a clear and unique value proposition, of what you do and the benefits of your products and services.


Customer confidence and conversions can be further improved by avoiding spam language, including customer testimonials or behind the scenes video, by telling the customer how long you have been in business and by highlighting your customer satisfaction ratings.


Our web designs ensure that the buying process isn’t interrupted at any point and that customers are not put off when they are ready to convert, by long forms. Our insights in effective web design includes everything, right down to the correct placement and colour of buy now buttons, which alone can double conversions.


Web Design for SEO


A web design that is SEO friendly is essential for any business. There are many elements that we consider when we create the best website design for SEO. We ensure that a SEO friendly URL structure is created, images are optimised for SEO, keyword and Meta data is researched, the internal linking is correct and that natural language has been used throughout.


Our web design company will additionally optimise your business’s website for local SEO, site speed, site engine crawl-ability and check content length and quality. Our web development service can also help new and existing websites introduce mobile accelerated pages, which have repeatedly been shown to double conversions on an ecommerce website.


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