Social Media

Defining and planning.
There’s more to an effective social media strategy than following 1000 people on Twitter or creating a Facebook business page and inviting your friends to like it. Here at OMS, we deliver social strategies that is measured in its approach, targets your ideal customers and speaks to them in a language they understand.


We understand that direct ‘selling’ on social media doesn’t work; that’s why we focus on creating captivating content that spreads the message about your products and services by engaging your prospects. More importantly, we monitor the leads generated by your social campaign in order to maximise your return on investment.
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Social Media Marketing


The proliferation of social media has given businesses new opportunities to connect with customers and prospects but there is more and more information and content being created every second. This means competition for attention has vastly increased and presents businesses with new challenges on penetrating through this ever-growing ball of digital rubber bands.


Our approach involves listening out for strategic conversations and understanding what your targets are talking about before creating reactive content. Continual analysis of these conversations over time will result in your content becoming more proactive. We prefer to tell stories that touch the hearts of your prospects and customers spurring engagement and product/service feedback whilst delivering impeccable online customer support. No matter what your business does, you want to ensure your social media activity is creating as many brand advocates as possible and it is publicly celebrated so others can receive an insight into the added value and trust your product/service delivers.


All of our social media marketing is governed by a bespoke social media strategy that details an agreeable set of actions we will execute on your behalf such as content creation recommendations, percentages of different content your plan will follow and what forthcoming events we will monitor for the purposes of contributing to new, relevant conversations.