Content Marketing

When it comes to being a dominant force on the Internet, it very much is the case that “content is king”.


Good content can drive visitors from search engines, engage, be shared and encourage your prospects to take a desired action.


Here at OMS, were just as comfortable creating written content as we are creating highly shareable infographics. We’ve written articles that have appeared on Google News, while our press releases have appeared in both local and national newspapers.


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How Can Content Marketing Benefit You


If digital marketing is your engine, then content is your fuel. What do we mean by content? It could be a blog, video, slideshow, animated GIF, press release, case study, white paper, Q&As or top ten list. Without creative content that resonates with your customers and prospects, your digital marketing efforts cannot procure results.

Our ethos towards content marketing is to establish trust by adding value in a non-disruptive manner. When creating content, we don’t want to play it too safe by using emotion, humour and conflicting issues to create compelling stories. Our team consists of professional designers, videographers, photographers and editors to ensure whatever type of content is produced; it is to the highest standard.

Before we start creating content, we need to understand the challenges and issues your target audience and industry are currently facing in addition to analysing your competitor’s content. Our aim is to create and publish content that strategically reacts to what we have learnt from the listening stage of your digital marketing activity. This forms the foundation of your bespoke content marketing strategy.

By continually learning from listening and testing different content types, themes and publishing times, our understanding of your target audience always develops and so does your forthcoming content plan. This numbers based system aims to establish your business as an industry thought leader who is one step ahead of the competition’s content.

All of your content marketing activity is measurable so we can see how many sales were made as a result of your latest email marketing campaign to what percentage of your blog was read by website visitors. All of this information is fed back to you in a easily understandable manner so you are fully aware of what is going on and how much ROI you are receiving.